Stainless steel tanks

Storage and process tanks in stainless steel

Farck S.p.A. designs, manufactures and installs storage and process tanks in stainless steel, in compliance with current European standards. Thanks to the high experience gained over the years and the constant technological evolution, Farck S.p.A. is able to supply tanks and mixers with a capacity ranging from 500 up to some MILLION liters. The quality of the used materials and the high specialization level of the design and production departments, guarantee a high quality standard.
Catalogue (pdf)

Tanks with big capacity built directly on site

Farck S.p.A. is specialized in the construction of storage tanks “on site” with capacity ranging from 200,000 up to several MILLION liters, designed under the strict earthquake regulations.

Stirring systems

Farck S.p.A., for any type of product, designs the most effective, consistent and personalized solution.

Temperature control systems

Farck S.p.A. can use different temperature control systems:

  • rusticated and printed jackets in stainless steel, for heating / cooling;
  • half piping;
  • coil heating inside the tank.
Depending on the product to be treated and the application area, Farck S.p.A. can recommend the most appropriate temperature control system.

Insulation systems

Farck S.p.A. suggests the customer the best solution, using high-performance certified materials such as mineral wool, polyurethane or armaflex.
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